Alpaca Yarn

100% Pure Alpaca Yarn – Produced and processed in Britain

We sell 4-ply and DK (Double Knitting) Alpaca Yarn.

Double knitting yarn is very popular and is ideal for most types of clothing for children and adults. It can be made chunkier if knitted double (two strands together).

4-ply knitting yarn is ideal for finer and softer knits. Lovely for baby clothes, but also for scarves, shawls or blankets.

Alpaca yarn is very soft and silky and a pleasure to work with. It is very warm and insulating, yet very light at the same time. It is stronger than sheep wool without the itch factor and as soft as cashmere, and is more hyperallergenic than other wools. We only use the best quality fleece for our yarn. All the yarn is produced from our own herd and is pure alpaca, nothing added.

Any experienced or new knitter will love alpaca yarn! It is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world.

The yarn has been processed at one of the few fibre mills in the U.K., who take great pride in processing natural fibres whilst being environmentally friendly. The yarn comes in its natural colour.

Buying this product helps support the future of British Farming and protect our countryside.

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