About Us

We are a small family-run business and bought our first five Huacaya alpacas in 2005. In summer 2006 our first two crias were born. We continued to extend our herd and bought in a few more pregnant females.

Our four proven stud males have produced some beautiful crias over the last few years. We also have some promising young males which can be used as stud males.

For the last few years we had a closed herd and now only use our own stud males for breeding. Our animals come in a variety of colours, ranging from white, shades of fawn, brown and black.

Over the years we have attended workshops and seminars to deepen our understanding of subjects such as breeding, birthing and nutrition.

All our animals are microchipped and registered with the British Alpaca Society. Our aim is to improve the quality of the animals through careful breeding.

In 2007 we added a flock of Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep to our farm. They are a rare breed and mix very well with the alpacas. Alpacas are excellent guard animals and keep the foxes out of any lambing paddock.

If you are interested in acquiring alpacas, come and see us in rural Sussex and we will show you around and share what we know about these beautiful animals.


Our alpacas enjoying the snow
Our alpacas enjoying the snow